Our Values

The founding partners of Tucker Bria Wealth Strategies are enlightened refugees from traditional financial advisory firms.  We became disillusioned as our clients were increasingly viewed as part of a wealth management profit center to be cross-sold products from other company divisions.  We were uncomfortable that our compensation was increasingly tied to division profitability.  Many of these changes were not transparent to our clients.  As employees we were unable to push back against this ever increasing trend that continues in these firms today.

You and your family can expect the following commitment from Tucker Bria:

  • Clear explanations of our processes, services, and fees

  • Strategies that address your needs, not those of a corporate parent

  • Pragmatic market and world views

  • Realistic assessments of our ability to assist you

  • Prompt answers and reliable service

  • Unemotional risk management

Our clients come to Tucker Bria for many reasons.

They stay with us because we care.