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Tucker Bria Advisor Continuity Plan

Both Commonwealth and NFS have business continuity plans to protect your account data.  These continuity plans are mainly technology focused.

Tucker Bria recognizes that you also need the continuity of advice should both Pat Bria and Jim Tucker become unable to continue in their roles of serving your wealth advisory needs.  We are confident that our process outlined below is better than what we observed in our previous large firms.  Typically, their process was that a computer distributed your accounts with minimal matching of your needs with the competencies of your new advisor. 

Neither Jim nor Pat have any plans to voluntarily retire in the foreseeable future.

However, for your comfort and knowledge the following advisor continuity process is in place:

  1. Pat and Jim make every effort to fly on different flights should they be heading to the same conference or out-of-town meeting.
  2. Tucker Bria has a signed continuity agreement with a high performance Commonwealth firm located in North Carolina.  This ensures that your accounts can continue to be managed, without interruption, in the manner you expect.  We interviewed a number of Commonwealth advisors.  We selected this firm based on our confidence that their business practices are aligned with ours in such a way that the advisors can quickly absorb and understand your financial needs and smoothly begin to work with you.
  3. Still to come (hopefully):  We expect to add and train additional Tucker Bria advisors who can assume the management of your accounts should any of us become unable to perform our duties.

Please let us know if you have any questions on our advisor continuity plan.