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Who We Are

In the beginning . . .

Over 40 years ago, an FBI agent recognized a former U.S. assistant district attorney at their sons' swimming meet.  Patrick Bria and Jim Tucker were introduced by their fathers that day and became lifelong friends.  They ended up swimming together for the Pittsburgh Aquatic Club and both attended Duke University, where they continued their friendship.

Life took each on different paths after Duke but ultimately led them both to financial advisory careers in Durham, North Carolina.  In February 2013, they pooled their varied business experiences and joined together to form Tucker Bria Wealth Strategies, LLC, a wealth advisory firm.

A new firm is formed . . .

Tucker Bria was established to be the one phone call you make when major life events occur or when you have routine questions about your financial life.  Our advisory model is about family: parents, children, and grandchildren.  We, like you, deal with life events such as: raising a family, putting kids through college, caring for aging parents, managing our careers, death, divorce, planning for the future, and serving and worshipping in our communities. We understand how life events impact your financial wellness.  This is why we chose our firm motto:  Because life alters wealth®.

A partner on your journey...

Additionally, Tucker Bria is positioned to focus on the benefits of coordinating your life goals and aspirations with your estate attorney, CPA and your other trusted advisors in order to bring a comprehensive and reliable strategy to you and your loved ones.

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