Investing with Tucker Bria

Tucker Bria Investment Philosophy

  • To follow a disciplined, un-emotional investment strategy for each client appropriate for your stated tolerance for risk and account volatility.

Tucker Bria Investment Manager and Investment Selection Criteria

  • Tucker Bria primarily uses third-party money managers to invest client funds.  Our role is to select the appropriate risk model and asset matrix for your investment portfolio.

  • We have no proprietary mutual funds or managers that must be used to invest your money.

  • Tucker Bria considers multiple factors in its selection of your investment managers.  We have access to thousands of managers and exchange traded funds to choose from.   

  • We are able to invest all or a portion of your investment portfolio in socially responsible investments.  We can also exclude individual companies from our individual stock or bond purchases. We are not able to do this for mutual fund or ETF investments.  We can only share the stated socially responsible investment guidelines of a prospective mutual fund investment.

  • Tucker Bria may select dividend paying stocks directly, evaluating companies on criteria such as:  dividend coverage ratio; history of consistency in paying dividends; history of consistency in the growth of the dividend payment; company outlook relative to industry peers and the overall stock market.

  • Tucker Bria may choose to create bond ladders investing in individual bonds and CD’s rather than investing in bond mutual funds. 

  • In an effort to be efficient in our review of third party managers, Tucker Bria typically selects 2 or 3 investment managers for each investment style, such as large cap growth.  We then construct your investment portfolio using asset allocation models we create and then customize for each client based upon your needs and objectives.  

Beyond Investment Management.  

Tucker Bria is structured as a life-stage financial planning firm.  Our focus goes beyond investment management to include retirement forecasting, college savings planning and gifting strategies for grandchildren, insurance strategies and tax advantaged strategies for retirement, charitable giving strategies and estate planning.  

  • Retirement Forecast.  Many of our retired or near-retirement clients ask us to provide a Retirement Forecast.  The preparation of this forecast attempts to answer the question, “Will I run out of money in retirement?”  Tucker Bria uses an industry-leading financial software program called MoneyGuide Pro™ to assist us and our clients in understanding the probability that their current spending plan and financial assumptions will be achievable.

  • Investment Income Planning.  We look to create a total return for the client from both bond interest and stock dividends through trading profits of the money manager. More recently we added other alternative investments (discussed below) to generate income for client investment and income planning.

  • Retirement Health Care Costs.  A review of your strategy for paying for health care costs in retirement is recommended.  Tucker Bria is well versed in identifying potential gaps in your strategy.  We can recommend ways to transfer some of this potential risk to insurance companies.

  • Partnering with your CPA and Estate Attorney.  At Tucker Bria we believe it is important to share your investment strategy with your other trusted advisors such as your CPA and estate attorney.  This partnership helps ensure that all professionals are coordinated in their efforts to address your financial objectives.

Alternative Investment Strategies and Retirement Income Planning

These strategies may include: defined benefit plans; employer 401(k) advice; and insurance positioning.

With our affiliation with Commonwealth Financial Network®, we have access to non-traded investments and specialized products such as non-traded real estate investment trusts (REITS), private equity and private placements.  Recently, these typically income focused strategies have been added to many client investment portfolios to increase income generated from their investment portfolios.

We look forward to speaking with you to understand how we may assist you in living your best life!

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